Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New era

Decided to update my site a bit as I am stepping into this new lifestyle without competing myself. Just kidding, I cannot guarantee you not ever racing again. Actually I am already dreaming to do some fun running races back in France as I will return there in the beginning of the year. How my legs take the running is another question. The artery problem is also another one, as I get the numb leg while I am running as well.... I try to be patient and see how things develop.

I can understand that some athletes find it hard to cope after finishing the career. Things have been pretty smooth for me as I got to work immediately (talking about the Finnish efficacy, ha ha). As the weather here is really rainy and windy at the moment, I cannot say missing cycling that much at the moment. Running is cool, and the forest paths here in my hometown just awesome! I run mostly in the woods, sometimes combining the Nordic Walking , that is skiing without skies. ;-) Just those sticks to give me some extra speed.

Gotta run now.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Everything's fine / Tout va bien

Some news: I have found myself a new hobby, or maybe better to say, old-new one. I have started a photographing course here in Finland. As my cycling career is off, I will be participating still to this great discipline, just not sweating in the peloton but cheering on the side of the road with my new Canon EOS D400. With my pretty close contacts to the Pro Cycling (ha ha ha) I will try to get some good photos of some nice legs. ;-)
So stay connected! While waiting for the season to begin still for few months I will show you some photos of my home country.

Mis au jour. Je me suis retrouvé avec mon vieux passion; la photographie. Je participe dans un cours de photographie ici en Finlande et j'espère pouvoir le pratiquer quand je rentre en France... Avec mes contacts proches (ha ha) avec le cyclisme professionnel je pense pouvoir participer aux quelques courses pour faire des photos. Ca va changer de ne pas rouler dans le peloton mais rester à coté avec mon Canon EOS D400... Mais comme ca je vais pouvoir rester dans l'ambiance! En attendant, vous allez voir mes photos de mon pays, alors restez en ligne.